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December 12, 2012
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Part II

Again, if there are any errors please tell me! Thank you!
Written by Ally

Now is the time! The time where you were going to set your wonderful plan into action! You sat down outside as the Scottish games had began. You and your father were laughing about how hilarious every thing was turning out. You watched as Liam's younger twin, Dylan, was playing tug-a-war with a group of people. Dylan was the only person on his team, which made this interesting. Dylan pulled back hard on the rope. Boy was he strong! He knocked the other three men into the mud. You stared in awe. 'How could Dylan be the younger twin...? He acts older and is stronger than...' your thoughts trailed off to look towards Liam, who was trying to do the log throw. '...Than his older twin!' you continued your thought.

The day continued by as the contests kept going on. You glanced down by your feet and kicked your hidden bow and arrows under the seat with a grin. Then as announced the archery contest was about to start. Who ever won, wins you as their prize. You watched as Arthur pulled back the arrow on his bow. He let go and hit the far white out line of the target. He groaned softly and stared up into the sky. 'Not bad... he needs more practice...' you thought.

Next was Allistor, who was currently showing off his good looks to the women around him. The women squealed in liking. He pulled his arrow back and let go, it his the white outline. He threw his bow to the ground in frustration, "DAMN IT!" he shouted. "Well at least you hit the target son!" called the second king. You're face had a 'what the hell' expression, "Well... that's attractive," you muttered. "Good arm," you said to your father as Allistor threw the bow out into the audience. "And such lovely flowing locks~!" he said in a teasing way. "Gilbert..." You mother said in an ordering way. "What?" he asked.

Next was... Liam. He held the bow and turned to get an arrow, only to have several falling out. He grabbed one. He pulled back on the arrow, though the arrow turned away from the target. It repeated for several times, "Oh, we lamb..." you said with a voice you'd talk in towards a baby. He frowned and pulled it back into place. He was probably concentrating for ten minutes before your father sighed in annoyance, "JUST SHOOT IT BOY!" he shouted. Liam jumped slightly in surprise and let go of the arrow. It flew through the air and hit the middle. You stared in awe at how he was able to shoot the middle. The third king grinned with a laugh, "Ha! Well done!" he shouted and started dancing around while singing. He the turned away from the other two kings and lifted his kilt, "Feast yer eyes!" he said. The two looked away in disgust, in the audience you could her children squealing in horror and their mother covers their eyes.

Now is your moment, you sneaked away while your parents were watching awkwardly. You pulled your black hood over your head and walked out towards an open target, holding your kingdom's flag. As you got to the open target you raised the flag and stepped forward. You pulled off your hood. The crowd gasped, "I am ___. Firstborn descendent of Clan Dun Broch..." you said looking around, then you looked at your mother, "And I'll be shooting for my own hand!" Your mother stood up and mouthed, 'What are you doing?' as the crowd gasped again. You tried pulling back on the arrow but the stupid dress wasn't allowing you to. "___!" your mother called. "Curse this dress!" you said squirming. You then pushed your arms and shoulders and ripped the dress. The crowd gasped at your actions.

You then pulled back on your arrow and began to walk. You let go of the arrow and it hit the middle. You walked onto the next one, "___! Stop this!" your mother called heading towards you. You pulled back on the next one and released, hitting the middle. "Don't you dare loose another arrow!" she ordered. You ignored her and pulled back on the next one. You exhaled and your mother was drawing nearer. "__ I forbid it!" she said. You then let go. It flew towards the target and hit the middle, cutting the other arrow that Liam had shot in half. You breathed softly and turned your head to see your mother with a mad expression and you scowled back at her.

-Time skip-

You mother then threw you into a room in outrage. "Michty me! I've just had enough of you, lass!" she said. You turned around, "You're the one who wants me too..." you were cut off by your mother. "You embarrassed them. You embarrassed me," she said pointing to the door. "I followed the rules!" you said.
"You don't know what you've done!"
"I just don't care how-"
"It'll be fire and sword if it's not set right."
"Just listen!" you pleaded. "I am Queen! You listen to me!" your mother yelled back.
"Ugh! This is so unfair!"
"Ha! Unfair?"
You walked over and grabbed a sword, "You're never there for me. This whole marriage thing is what you want! Do you ever bother to ask what I want? No. You walk around telling me what to do, what not to do, trying to make me be like you. Well, I'm not going to be like you."
"Oh, you're acting like a child."
"And you're a beast!" you said and stared walking towards her tapestry portrait of your family and pointed the sword at her on it. "That's what you are!" you added. "Oh, ___," she said. "I'll never be like you!" you said and started poking the tapestry. "No, stop that!" she shouted. I'd rather die than be like you," you said and swung the sword, cutting it. Your mother gasps at what you have done to her work. She stormed towards you with a outraged red face, "___, you are a princess, and I expect you to act like one!" she said. She threw the sword out of your hand and grabbed your bow, pulling it over your head. "Mum!" She walked over and threw the bow into the fire. "Oh!" you shouted and tears threatened to come out of your eyes. Your mother glared at you in outrage. You started backing away towards the door then ran out crying. "___!" your mother called.

She then looks back at the bow after she heard the fire pop. She grabbed the pitchfork and dragged it out. "Oh!" she exclaimed as it was hot. "Oh, no. What have I done?" she asked herself. She started sobbing.

Meanwhile, you were riding off on Angus towards the forest for you to release your stress...
Okay, the next chapter is up! I'll add the links below~


Don't worry! You'll have your chance soon enough, loves! Within the next two chapters I'll have my genius plot to twist this story!


Father- Prussia
Mother- Fem!Austria
Brothers- Spain, Italy, & Romano
Merida- You
Princes- England, Scotland, Ireland, & Wales
Witch- Fem!England

Hetalia (C) Hidekaz Himaruya
Brave (C) Disney Pixar
You (C) You or the Kirklands
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